A Way With Words

In the last two weeks of Director Moody’s presence at Stafford County, there were multiple conversations that ensued.  One of those conversations consisted of discussing the need to keep you, the public informed in the on goings of Emergency Services.  Which brings us to the point of this blog.  Steve discussed with me the possibility of continuing on the blog that he was so well-known for.  This was a large task to take on since I was very aware, and you will be too, that I was nowhere close to as good of writer as he was.  However, Steve was a man of little doubt and assured me the more I wrote the more it would actually enhance my writing abilities.  Though I did not want to simply take over the blog that he had built up, due to a majority wanting to continue to follow his stories, we did elect to develop a similar blog.

Out of all the blogs that I read and the stories that we listened to from Steve, it did not take long to learn that the man had a way with words.  At times during a story the need was there to interrupt him simply to clarify what a word meant.   There is a very simple explanation as to why he was so fluent with words.

Many years ago, Steve encountered an individual that liked to use large words.  He found this very frustrating and so he developed a plan to solve the problem.  As time went on, every time that he was reading a book or conversing and a word that he was unfamiliar with came up, he wrote it down.  He would then later make an index card for the word and whenever he had time he would study the “stacks of cards.”  From that point on whenever that individual used a large word, Steve would reply right back with his own large word — problem solved.

An attempt will be made at keeping you informed about what is going on in Emergency Services.  Just please bear with me as my stack of index cards is still very small.


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